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Hi! I’m so pumped you’ve arrived! And congratulations…You are here because something big has happened in your life. You’re engaged, you’re graduating, you’re a mom to a crazy, awesome family, or you’ve just realized that you are way too good looking to pass up us taking bomb pictures of you.


Allow me to tell you a little more about myself. My name is Emily. I love fresh flowers, white nail polish, chardonnay, road trips, emo-bands, and wavy hair. I DVR Dr. Phil and go through essential oils like it’s my job. Cleaning relaxes me, but my car is always a disaster… like, always. I am an incurable optimist and I thrive around happy people. I have a kind and smart husband who I met in middle school. He is my ride-or-die, he believes in my talents, and he is a huge reason why I do what I do.

We have two rescue pups who I am utterly obsessed with (no, really, they get BarkBox & homemade treats. Ridiculous.) And, we welcomed our first baby, Lettie Jane, into the world this past February! We are running on sarcasm and coffee to get us through the sleepless nights and exhausting days!


I am originally from Nashville and love calling Louisiana home. The people are sweet, the summers are hot, and the food is so friggin’ good.

And, at the core of my being, I love…Love. I mean this is in the most non-basic-pumpkin-spice-latte way… it gives me life. Love fuels me. It makes me smile. It makes me cry. It gives me drive and purpose. I love people. And I love encouraging the love between people.


So, welcome. I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to be friends. I can’t wait to share in this brief and awesome moment in your life. Let’s take some memories, what do you think?

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